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Judaism by Angela Moore- Interfaith month at Gordon

PDF icon Talk by Angie Moore on Judaism .pdf

Weekly news sheet 25th September 2016

PDF icon 16.9.25 Notices.pdf

Weekly newsletter 18th September

PDF icon 16.9.18 Notices.pdf

Weekly newsletter 11th September 2016

PDF icon 16.9.11 Notices(1).pdf

Weekley newsheet 4th September

PDF icon 16.9.04 Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsheet 28th August 2016

PDF icon 16.8.28 Notices.pdf

Weekly News sheet 21st August

PDF icon 16.8.21 Notices.pdf

Newsletter 14th August 2016

PDF icon 16.8.14 Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsletter 7th August 2016

PDF icon 16.8.7 Notices.pdf

Messy Church newsletter Term 3 2016

PDF icon Messy Church 16T3 newsletter.pdf