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A new Beginning

This is the beginning of a new little initiative to share some reflections with you all via email from time to time. They may flow from a homily or others things that I’ve been reflecting on. They won’t comprise a long treatise, just a few paragraphs.
If this represents another bothersome email for you please let me know and I’ll take you off the email list and will take no offense.
We do live in a busy culture; it’s harder to meet regularly so this email represents a different opportunity to gather.
My first reflection: Family & Legacy?

Counting down to Christmas.... 110 days, 109 days, 108 days, 107 days......

Advent means coming; someone/ something special is coming; this event is worth preparing for. It will be difficult if it arrives and catches us unawares.

It is not easy to wait and prepare in our consumer-oriented culture. We expect a quick response to our needs. I met a young family recently whose little boy had been counting down to Christmas for some time. He had started with 110 days to go to Christmas and, when I visited, there were still 42 days to go. What courage that little boy has! But his parents are worried he won’t last the distance… It’s hard to wait and prepare.

Are we racist?

A youtube caught my attention this week here

The pace of change

This youtube is examining the pace of change here


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