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That sermon...

Weddings are rarely remembered for sermons.

Recently, Rev Michael Jensen wrote, ‘What the preacher has to remember is that people are not there to hear your sermon.’

However, Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at Meghan and Harry’s wedding will be remembered, as will the questions it generated:

Was it appropriate for a Royal Wedding? Was it too long? Was it too political? Was it too flamboyant?

Whatever you made of it, it did start many conversations this week. I’ve triggered a few myself.

Apocalypse Now & Gaza

Over recent weeks at Tuesday night conversations, group members have chosen movies to share, notably Searching for Sugar Man, The Life of Brian, and more recently, Apocalypse Now. Some excellent.discussion has ensued.

Issues and questions from watching Apocalypse Now have remained with me.

The movie is set during the Vietnam War and narrates a journey upriver by US soldier, Capt. Willard. Willard has been ordered to assassinate Col Kurtz, an American commander who has ‘gone mad,’ and who employs ‘unsound methods.’

Same-gender marriage

Last week I went to a Presbytery meeting.

This is rare, but I was compelled by the topic - a proposal that the Uniting Church accept same-gender marriage. (This proposal will go to the triennial Uniting Church Assembly meeting to be held in July in Melbourne.)

The meeting was well attended, and the Moderator, Simon Hansford, who chaired it, facilitated a helpful process of conversation.

Anzac, holy days, and minorities

Last year on Anzac Day, ABC presenter, Yassmin Abdiel Magied, tweeted,

‘Lest we forget (Manus. Nauru. Syria. Palestine.)’

Her tweet unleashed a torrent of outrage and vitriol.

One TV host said, ‘Lest we forget Yassmin you are brown, you are Muslim, and you are a girl, and that’s the only reason you have a job at the ABC.’ He then called her an’ idiot’ and a bitch.’

Yassmin took down her post and apologized.


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