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Are you right or a christian?

Jesus found within his society, the rules had become more important than the people.

Jesus is reported as regularly breaking rules. He broke the sabbath law, hung out with the unclean and complained about church corruption in the temple.

Have we just got another lot of rules from somewhere, or thought deeply about what Jesus was suggesting?

If I present the rules to you that you must follow (or believe in), am I on Jesus side, or the church's?

One of the sayings that I like is; "Is it more important that you are right or a Christian"?

People are People and Things are Things

I am currently reading "Jonathan Sacks' The Great Partnership"

Office / Church Alignment

One of the subtle ways that I think the church has lost alignment with the modern world is its use of large centralised worship experiences, preferably with the congregation in rows.

To me, this is "normal" for a 1930s office and factory arrangement with block arrangements of desk and chairs.
There were fixed hours, fixed breaks, and fixed seating in lines. Being at work was defined as sitting at your desk.

We have dis-graced ourselves......

I am appalled not just by the phone tapping of the Indonesian president's wife, but the response.

When this topic comes up, my conversations have mostly expressed the following viewpoints:
- "Everybody does it, it is how the world is (shrug)"
- "Of course we would try, anything is a valid approach in Nation State security (gritty reality grin)"
- "We are pretty clever aren't we (hip hooray)"

Even the Indonesian Foreign minister seems to believe this is acceptable behaviour.


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