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Smashing social walls

One day, Jesus was sitting with his friends. It was on the edge of a small town, typical of the time.

He was laughing and sharing stories of the trip around the group.

Suddenly he noticed some people over in the distance. He stopped smiling and went quiet.

He turned back to his friends and said “lets go have lunch with them”.

“No Jesus, we cannot visit them.” (whispering) “They are lepers. You cannot do that.”

Behold the mirror

The Noah stories holds a mirror our culture

Could Jesus be right?

In the dreamtime, there were two tribes. They lived in neighbouring countries. They shared almost every story in common apart from where God told them they should build their temple. One tribe thought it should be on Mount Gerizim and the other tribe thought it should be on Mount Moriah.

The Virgin Birth

It is Christmas soon and my mind starts to turn to the Christmas Story.

The First Christmas by Borg and Crossan (here) teases apart the two Gospels which traditional Nativity plays have merged together into a mash that was never intended by either author. I now like to work mostly with the stories independently.


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