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Reading worldstretching web site

Luther’s idea was that the church is always reforming. In an incarnational theology, the Living ChristLogos is woven into every particle of creation. Fresh into Pentecost, we might say we’re within the flow of the Holy Spirit. Present with the holy, we live and move and have our being. When I think of how my ideas about life, the universe and everything have changed since I was a kid, I’m certain that what I believe today will change.

Are we racist?

A youtube caught my attention this week here

The pace of change

This youtube is examining the pace of change here

I met a taxi driver....


I was out late in North Sydney and the last train had left North Sydney station, so I caught a taxi home. I saw a normal taxi cruising by. Hailed then and sat in the front seat.

The guy looked vaguely familiar (not sure why that is important).

We started talking. He wanted to simplify his life. He was worried about technology. He worried about TVs in his household. We talked about the future. We talked about good and bad things in the world. We talked about how the future might unfold.


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