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'My God, we're drowning'

Recently, I’ve been caught out in a few storms.

Being tossed about by the wind, swamped by choppy waters, wondering if you’re going to drown is a horrible experience.

As I struggled with this experience, Mark 4:35 - 5:1 came to mind. (I had written a commentary about it for ‘With Love to the World.’)

It tells the story of Jesus and the disciples, who cross to the other side of the Sea of Galilee on some fishing boats. On the way, a great windstorm descends on them, causing chaos.

You can't crib the child

Most biblical scholars believe that the Christmas stories, so familiar to many (shepherds, a manger, the wise ones…), are more than biography.

They serve a theological purpose.

They answer questions such as, ‘How can we account for the extraordinary person that was Jesus? Can we track back to his origins and get a glimpse of the adult he would become?’

A massive letdown

This week, I happened to listen to Counterpoint with Amanda Vanstone on Radio National. The slot was entitled, ‘Why we distrust organized religion’ (available at

In the introduction, Amanda said she found the church to be a ‘massive letdown’ and she distrusted it.

Walking Blind

One of the joys of walking the Camino is meeting other pilgrims.

One encounter stands out.

The first-day Phyll and I walked the Camino, I noticed something odd - two pilgrims walking hand in hand, it seemed, the whole day.

At the end of the day, when I got closer, I realized they weren’t walking hand in hand; in fact, they were attached by a small length of clear plastic.

How unusual…

Two days later, when I met fellow pilgrim, Jan de Hoon, I discovered why. (Jan is pictured above.)


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