MADOW Christmas Toy Drive

Christmas Toy Drive

Hi All,
The GPUC community has made a commitment to support several rural communities in NSW. Every year our MADOW group provide gifts to welfare agencies in the Griffiths area. These gifts are distributed to disadvantaged families and their children.
This year we would like to invite Playgroup families and others to be part of this wonderful initiative. People can help by purchasing a toy that is:
· worth $25 or less – some cheaper items could include felt pens, fun books etc which could be used for stocking fillers.
· Suitable for a 3 to 14-year-old (mostly for pre-schoolers and primary students).
· Not wrapped. The MADOW group will ensure the toys are wrapped so it won’t be damaged in transit.
· Not too bulky, strange shaped or fragile as the gift needs to be put on a truck pallet and driven to Griffith.
· Not food, chocolates, or gift vouchers please.
· Given to Nicola or Courtney by 14th Nov so that they can be delivered to Griffith before Xmas day!
We are asking families or individuals to include a handmade card or child’s drawing. We would like the children receiving the gifts to have a connection with families and children in our GPUC city community.
MADOW appreciates the support.
If you have any queries please contact Lesley, Nicola or Courtney on or 9498 6729.