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Youth Dreaming- Acceptance of mental health


I'm not happy!
Read the attached account of one young woman's experience of year 12 and how it eventually lead to her career in Psychology.
Her dreams for the future-
"So what do I dream to see in the future?
Well the good news and the bad news is I believe it starts with each and every one of us. I know for myself it has not been an easy thing and it continues to be something I work on but we need to work on dealing with our own shame, embracing our ability to be vulnerable and open with those close to us and communicating when things are hard. This takes courage, not the heroic movie type courage but the quiet everyday courage that is often not acknowledged.

We need to teach our children and young people how to effectively cope with their anxieties and stresses. That is okay to say “hey I am not okay” or “I’m having thoughts that are bothering me”. We can show them through our own words, actions, and through education that it is okay to reach out for support and it is okay to struggle sometimes. I dream of the day when a young person can identify things are not going well and can reach out for the support they need. I am lucky enough in my work to often get to see this dream turned into reality, but we still have a lot of work to do.