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Good Better Best

Easter invites us to experience death and life in that order. Many people respond, “I want my life now, and death can come later.” As my mother would say “A life that wants dessert before the main meal.”

It is a life that avoids pain at all costs and becomes obsessed with happiness. When pain and suffering come (or broken dreams or disease or obesity or insufficient funds), so unprepared for the feeling are we that we run away, desperately searching for a sugar hit of happiness.

To avoid pain, we will blame ourselves (I caused it), find scapegoats (you caused it) and even construct complex conspiracy theories (they caused it).

Jesus describes this situation as “blindness” or “like the dead”. “Let the dead bury the dead” or “Like the blind leading the blind”. People’s capacity engage only in a happiness fantasy is like they are blind or dead.

Marx describes it as like imaginary flowers on a chain of oppression. When we remove the flowers, we can see the chains, remove them and pick real flowers for the first time.

I describe it as transactional living, when we pay our gods of entitlement, celebrity or technology for happiness. The trouble is that these gods are addictions because they increase the price until we can no longer afford to pay.

See you at a Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service.