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Separately we are good; together we can be better

On Sunday 23rd September we voted to amalgamate Gordon and Pymble Uniting Churches. Separately we are good; together we can be better.
We have joined, seeing the possibilities of working together; continuing Jesus vision of a different, more compassionate, and tolerant world.
Never in our generation have compassion and tolerance been more under threat and we are starting from a lower social capital base.
We have multiple community gatherings a week on both sites. We expect to keep both sites as they are an important community resource; open to the public most days.
We will continue to have an emphasis on effectively communicating the hope of the Gospel to our rapidly changing community. The church carries a large part of the story that created our culture.
We will also be continuing our worship, community gatherings, rural city engagement, schools and children’s groups.
We employ five staff; 1 minister, 2 community workers, 1 rural field worker and 1 communications and support worker.

Sunday, 23 September 2018 - 10:45am to 11:45am