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Pilate's view

As governor of this little province of our glorious Roman Empire, it’s my job to keep order.
This weekend of all weekends. 100,000 people descending on Jerusalem. People are sleeping in gutters out the street all over the city.

It’s Passover time; huge crowds, devoted pilgrims, and far too many troublemakers and stirrers about.
We have heard stories of trouble in the temple and illegal processions. I will not tolerate this. If anybody has any information, they must let me know. We Romans know how to deal with Troublemakers, and that’s quickly and firmly.

I already have that rebel Barabbas. He thought he could start an insurrection. Now I am looking for someone called Jesus.

You think your Passover will throw off oppression. Eating your pathetic bits of bread. Eating your bitter herbs. Your Passover is just an old custom that has no place in the modern world. Rome defeated Egypt. Cleopatra and Mark Antony are dead. What is done is done.

And understand that Rome is the only nation worthy of being led by the Son of God, Augustus Caesar, the glorious Son of Apollo. War has brought peace, not your empty words and gestures.