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Prayers of Children

Prayers of the Children from March Messy Church

"Thank you God for the beautiful land of Australia"

"Please God, help the people in Tohoku, who lost their families and houses because of the Earthquake and Tsunami four years old."

Thank you God for Mum and Dad and our lovely family.

Pray for people with life threatening diseases.

Thank you God for making me me, loving us and for families.

Please God, be with and help those going through difficult situations"

Please God be with all the people who live where there is conflict and war.

Dear God, Thank you for your kindness. Please help the Bali 9 and Knox Grammar to overcome this difficult time. In your name we pray.

Thank you God for our new baby cousin. Thank you that molly is doing really well at school. Thank you for our lovely, lovely family.

Thank you Daddy is better. Thank you for Nanna and Pa. Thank you for our friends and for food.

We pray for the men in Bali, for John, Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy.

Please God help our neighbours and help my aunty recover from having a baby.

Thank you God for family, for mum and dad. Thank you for my brother's little brother who has cancer, and he wants God to help him get cured.

Thank you for my mum, grandmother and all women on International Women's Day.

Thank you for being alive. Thank you God for making people, mums, dads, sons and daughters. Thank you God for helping Emma.

Please God, help Marc's mother who is sick.

Thank you God for family. Please help Kathryn, Grandma's friend.

Thank you God for Grandad who is visiting and for Aunty Pauline.