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Scapegoats are not needed

Scapegoats were originally goats sent out into the wilderness to carry the sins of the community. They were sacrificed to enable to community to move on from their past with grace.

Jesus fundamentally rewrote the need for scapegoats. He wanted us to face our own reality without the need to blame others.

If Jesus came today, he would sit with people who are gay, he would converse with people from other religions, he would listen to people who had abortions. These are the sort of people who the current political, social and religious leadership construct as scapegoats to avoid their own failure and the failures of the community.

2,000 years ago, the political, social and religious leadership rejected samaritans, adulterers, tax collectors and lepers for the same purpose.

But, Jesus did not just sit with these groups, he acknowledged them as fellow humans. That made Jesus an outcast. Society's leadership wanted him dead.

At Gordon we are transformed by Jesus’ vision that all people are equal. We strive to love wastefully. We do not always achieve our goal, but we want to be better. Living in the holy spirit to us means following Jesus example.

Jesus saves us from the need to create outcasts, the need to scapegoat difference, the need to think of some people as sub-human.