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  • 18 Cecil St, Gordon, NSW, 2072
  • 1 Livingstone Ave, Pymble, NSW, 2073

Bible Studies

A faith community is centred on the study and understanding of sacred texts. It is the dedication to this text (existing outside ourselves) that makes us different.

Bible Studies are a core way for people in our church community to get together and learn more about God through discussions with one another. They are also a great way to build relationships and to have a bit of fun as well.

We have a number of regular bible studies:

* Thursday Morning 10:15am - in the Highway Centre
* Friday Night - 8pm

We also have special bible studies at different times of the year such as the Lent and Advent seasons for those who can't commit to a regular group.

In 2016, we studied a new book by Brian McLaren entitled, ‘Finding Our Way Again’. He writes, ‘In a wild world like ours, your character, left untended will become a stale room, an obnoxious child, a vacant lot filled with thorns... Well tended, your character will become a fragrant garden... You will be good and deep company for others and yourself.’ What does ‘tending of your character’ mean?

in 2017, we will be hoping to study similar books.

Contact us if you are interested.