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Our Thanks

Thanks to Rev Michael Barnes

Thank you Michael for taking us on Retreat on the Saturday before Advent. It was wonderful to have the three churches of the newly launched Village all attending. A big thanks to Alex Nelson who led the Retreat.

It does not seem right to stop at the busiest time of the year. In fact it is MAD.
We should be planning, acting and partying, not stopping, thinking and stilling ourselves.

But that is exactly what we did and I am now ready for the season. Bring on the busy December.


Steve Biddulph

“Listening to Steve Biddulph talking on Raising Girls, makes you want to throw out your tv, invite every great woman in your life around, give your girls a big hug and tell them that it's all going to be ok...”

Fair Trade Fair

Hi Geoff

It was a wonderful event! Thank you so much for organizing it.

AfriBeads made an excellent amount, which was very worthwhile and a huge boost for the
women in Uganda I partner with.

It was a pleasant atmosphere and lots of people very inspired by fair trade
and ethical spending.

Thank you so much


Rosemary Frank

Fair Trade Fair

We had a really great day amongst your community.
Felt really looked after and also well supported.
Look forward to next year!
Wishing you joy and peace throughout the festive season and into the new year
Kind wishes

Messy Church

For all Messy Church Staff,
thank you for hosting messy church for all of us.
From Lucy, Maeve and Rachael!!!