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Messy Meets Karen

Last Saturday evening saw a wonderful Messy Church gathering of seven families to meet Karen and find out some of her great loves, such as...  Chocolate

Uniting Article with Rev. Karen Mitchell-Lambert
"You are never too old to be part of God’s work and vision" What’s your Uniting Church story?

I didn’t grow up in the Church, so I have only known (and loved!) the Uniting Church.

Messy Church and the story of Jacob

At last week’s Messy Church we welcomed six families to hear the story of Jacob and his dream of the ladder reaching from heaven to earth, with angels d

Messy Church with Marshmallows

Although numbers were lower than usual as a few families sent their apologies, we had a warm night around the fire.  We heard the Pentecost story…

Robotics 2nd July 4.30pm

Come join our Messy families for 1.5 hours of robotics fun. Please register here.  Limitied numbers. $15pp includes a meal at the end.  Any questions, please contact

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Pulse-from babies to Young Adults

Greetings friends!

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GPUC Families

Here is our first Ever  GPUC Families newsletter

Find out what is happening at Messy Church and Playgroup.


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Robotics Fun at Messy Church

In the deepest, darkest and wettest of days, 50 people gathered in the warmth to create robots.  Scott and his team from