Quarterly magazine of Gordon Pymble Uniting Church, August 2019

Congratulations to young William Liu, organist, student and chemistry enthusiast, for being selected in the Australian team to compete in this year’s Chemistry Olympiad held in Paris. Will’s story is on page 8. Well done, Will!!

At the other end of the age spectrum, Edith Bowtell 98 years old, still driving, with an extraordinary memory and care and concern for everyone left this earth on 22nd June. A tribute to Edith appears on page 12. The world won’t be quite the same without you, Edith.

In this edition you will also find a report on the recent NSW/ACT Synod (p. 18), a report on the 25th anniversary of the Uniting Church’s covenant with our first peoples (p. 21) and two great pieces by Rev Bernard Thorogood (pp. 10 and 16).

This edition of A Shared Path also contains an article titled, “What is hell, exactly? We might joke itʼs other people, but the Bible has a more complicated answer.” In this article, Robyn J Whitaker provides a 21st century understanding of the myths that surround the concept of hell or hades or the idea of eternal punishment.