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I don't boo at the football

I was at the MCG last night. It was the opening round of the season and a great athletic contest between relatively evenly matched teams.

A Woman, a Frog and Fraser Anning

A Woman, a Frog and Fraser Anning

We are going to tell a story. Stories derive their power not from their factual basis, but from their truth. In fact, if we ask for the factual basis, we lose the truth and destroy the story. Let’s tell a story.

Good News

Our Good News posters occupy the wall this month.

Signing off

Friends, this is my last blog. My final service at Gordon takes place this Sunday.

I’m in a time of transition, and I find myself thinking back over the last six years.

I remember high moments, forming connections with so many, new friendships, powerful and poignant experiences in pastoral situations, special times in worship, Current Affairs, Bible study and the Good News Group, and the evolving partnership with SCUC.

I am grateful for the weekly discipline of grappling with the Scriptures, being sustained by new insights, and weaving them into worship.


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