Uniting Article with Rev. Karen Mitchell-Lambert

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"You are never too old to be part of God’s work and vision"

What’s your Uniting Church story?

I didn’t grow up in the Church, so I have only known (and loved!) the Uniting Church. I came to the UCA through a friend and the local church loved me and gave me opportunities to grow and connect in my faith. My journey started out in secular youth work, but moved into the Church as a place that could show children and young people that they are loved where they are at. Since then God continues to challenge me to step up into a whole bunch of different leadership situations.

What enlivens your faith?

The challenge to go and make disciples, which for me is about how do we translate this amazing treasure we have in the “Good News” into language and stories that make sense in our culture and time. Playing with others to try and figure this out brings me so much joy.

What’s one thing happening in your community that’s really exciting for you?

I am about to move into congregational leadership. These churches have reorientated themselves to prioritise those in the first third of life and they have invited me to be part of it. Beside the Churches are two Uniting Church schools. I can’t wait for us all to explore together what God is calling us to next together as a whole Uniting Church!

What’s one thing you love telling people about the UCA?

Both the individual and collective nature of faith. Every person is called to be in relationship with God but together we hear God’s voice best. Which means we do not all agree and do not all look the same but I see the deep passion you are seeking to follow God and you see me that way too. We assume that when there are issues we will work them out together and trust that the Spirit of God is in the process to help us to hear God well.

What’s one thing you’d like to change, or something you hope for?

I wish the whole Church could understand it is not too late. You are never too old to be part of God’s work and vision. That children and young people want to be part of your life.

What's one thing you would like the rest of the Uniting Church to pray for?

The young leaders that I have met that God is raising up. That they will have the courage and resilience to do what God is calling them to do and that the Church will understand that what the next generation need to do is not what has always happened. I pray that the church does not just give permission but actually hugely blesses and supports them in that.