A Cross out the Front

Cross with flowers and lights.
The Cross after Friday

Easter Day (Sunday)

The cross stands on the road, without the tangle taken off, testifying to the new life that can be found in our lives.

A symbol of infinity points us to God.  As far as we can see and further, God stretches us.  As far as we can remember, God asks us for understanding.  If we can contemplate infinity, then life might seem a little simpler, it is only finite perhaps.

Infinity is something unimaginable, which is exactly to point of our contemplation.  Religion is the contemplation of the infinite on Sunday to get a ready for the finite on Monday.

The flowers remind us of a simple joy.  A flower is an expression of love, loss, joy, comfort.  A flower brings the infinite to us through a simple arrangement of petals and stem, and yet complex beyond our imagination.  Humans cannot design and build one, despite our self acknowledged brilliance.


Good Friday

Life tangles us in upon itself until we can barely see what matters (does anything matter?).

We despair.  We cry out for some sort of resolution or direction.

As we look to Easter Day, do we see resolution in the removal of our tangle or learning to live with it?