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giving yellow flowers

Valuing others’ hospitality

I’ve been enjoying the challenge of preaching through some difficult texts from the gospel of Matthew - sometimes he isn’t the easiest of gospel-writers. But meanwhile, elsewhere in the lectionary, are some amazing and foundational stories from Genesis - the Abraham narrative. At times these are also challenging, like the reading set for today with Abraham being willing to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice, but they are generally stories from which we can learn about the life of faith. When we worship in person, I enjoy hearing a second reading (Old Testament or Epistle) even if we are focusing on the gospel passage. It reminds us of the breadth of our tradition. And then the Psalm often chimes in as a response to the Old Testament reading. I find having 4 readings per Sunday too much but having 4 readings per week is a helpful way of structuring your own Bible readings between Sundays. With Love To The World helps with this, providing some helpful comments, or you can just find your own means of reading the passages each week. A bit of reflection during the week around the Scriptures is a great habit to form at any age.

Steve Aynsley