Lifeline update - A huge thanks

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Hi all,
When dropping off the food donations to Lifeline this week I had a good chat to Annette who looks after the distribution of food parcels.  She shared with me their ideal food care parcel. 
They aim to provide meals for  two days, breakfast - cereals and milk with preference towards say a weetbix type cereal as it’s dense in nutrition and packaging. Clients mainly travel by train and have to carry the bag/s.  Cereals in big boxes are quite bulky. 
A dinner - pasta with a protein, e,g. tuna. Pasta sauce and tin veges. They also like to be able to give a tin/ plastic container of fruit and custard.
Then the coffee, biscuits are an additional treat.
Peanut butter, vegemite for a sandwich also good.
Donations of toothpaste, soap etc is always useful to have available as these are costly items.
In our newsletter, could we thank our congregation again for their regular and generous donations and maybe give the above as a guideline when they’re purchasing for Lifeline?
It blows me away each time I load up my car boot to see yet again how generous and caring our GPUC family is.
Blessings Wendy