Increasing understanding

Picture from the North Shore Times of Easter Experience Cast

Insight into all cultures can help increase understanding

North Shore Times, February 2015

For the past 16 years, Gordon Uniting Church has put on the The Easter Experience. It is the story of Easter dramatised for nine-year-old children from surrounding schools. It involves recreating first-century Jerusalem in our church. The story is put across in an interactive way, with the children able to talk about what they're seen while sharing a "party snack" at the end. The aim is not to proselytise but to share and inform.

The feedback has always been very positive and enthusiastic Frequently, young people comment that they remember their first time of coming to see it. I feel strongly that in today's increasingly troubled world, it is vitally important that all of us take the time to learn the basics of others' backgrounds, be it Dreamtime stories, Chinese New Year, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Confucianism - How else are we ever to come to any common understanding?

Rosemary Watson.