Committing to Community

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When people have relationship with each other we call that a community.  Communities help each other in times of difficulty, they celebrate times of joy, they encourage others when the next step is confused.

Often the most tangible touch of the divine is through human connection.  The mystery of life and the universe somehow comes to a concrete expression in love.

A community is often easily defined by its edges. 
The people at the edge feel less included and are less included.  They may be uncertain as to the expectations that may be thrust upon them.  They may be worried that they will not fit in.

Jesus redefined community, not by the people inside it, but by the people outside it.  Jesus asks us, why are you not intentionally searching out and including others?  Not in a grasping, demanding way, but a welcoming, accepting way.

So, I set out the challenge to our community.  Every month, think about having a coffee (or tea or water) with someone who is “on your edge”.  Someone that you have met, but never stopped to talk to.  Someone who you felt you want to talk to, but somehow never made the time.  Make the time, listen to their story, form relationship.

Some people have already talked to me about their time with someone.  Each time, they are positive and have learned something.

Let’s imagine a community without boundary.  This was a radical idea 2,000 years ago.  It is a radical idea today.

Lloyd R