Fair Trade Stall

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fair trade

After worship on Sunday Anna Spoore of Uplift Fairtrade visited us on Sunday to present some of her products, which will be available to buy. Anna has had a stall at Gordon in the past, when we held our ‘Fair Trade Fairs’. You can visit Anna’s website at: https://upliftfairtrade.com.au

What is Fair Trade? Fair Trade is a movement: a socially innovative response to market failure—the failure of the conventional trade system to incorporate fair access to markets, wage justice and environmental standards. The origins of the Fair Trade movement can be traced back 50 years, when a desire for trade justice and human solidarity saw the establishment of alternative methods of supplying products, with a shared understanding of fairness and trading partnerships. Fair Trade products (craft and commodities) allow us, as consumers, to support trade justice through our purchasing choices.

Why Fair Trade? Fair Trade challenges unfair trading practices by creating an alternative approach to international trade that seeks greater equity for producers—farmers, artisans and workers. A fair price aims to cover the cost of production and a living wage to cover the basics of food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care. Worker co-ops democratically reinvest their income and Fair Trade social premium on local community projects. This includes strengthening their businesses through skills development and on community projects like schools, health care clinics, housing and empowerment programs.