Thank You for ongoing donations from Lifeline

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Wendy W and Andrew C have shared this heartfelt letter of thanks to the GPUC congregation from Lifeline...

Dear Wendy and Andrew,
I haven’t had the chance recently to adequately thank you and the GPUC Congregation for your unwavering support and donations to our Emergency Relief service.  So here’s a massive “Thank you” and a snapshot of how it helps…

Despite the perception of being “well off” we’re seeing growing numbers of the local community in financial distress and increasing requests for food support.  In February alone, we supplied 34 bags of (your) food to clients.  This included 11 people who ‘walked-in’ to reception seeking help with food.  Your food donations are providing a real lifeline to local families and individuals.

Our most basic food bag includes one of each item (more for families): cereal (Weetbix), longlife milk (full cream), baked beans, tuna/ham, pasta/rice, pasta sauce, tinned veg (carrots/peas/corn), tinned (or jar) fruit, longlife custard, sweet/savoury biscuits.

I fully understand the congregation is not immune to economic conditions, if anyone’s unable to currently donate, please know we understand—and if anyone needs support we’re here for them too.

Hope to see you soon,
Annette Brink, Emergency Relief Coordinator,
Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury