Praying for Lyn's continued healing

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Visiting Lyn & Helping Bruce

This week Lyn has slowly improved—little improvements that bring great hope. She is still only allowed four visitors at a time.

To help manage this for Bruce and so as not to overwhelm Lyn, our staff team will be co-ordinating visits from our community. The database is up and running so check in with Lesley, Nicola, Sonja or Karen.

Many thanks to those people who have already been able to assist with lunches and transport, it has been a big help. There are still opportunities to make a lunch for Bruce, again let us know if and when you can manage it. If you’re visiting the hospital and are able to take extra passengers please do let us know, as there are many who would like to visit, but who are unable to manage transport to Westmead.

Our special song message from last week was a hit and she watched the whole thing! If you are going to visit, you might like to be prepared to add an A5 page with a prayer or a reading or an origami crane to the collection in Lyn’s room. We know that many of you are desperate to help and Bruce wants you to know that he has appreciated all that you have done so far. Most importantly, though, please continue your prayers for healing and comfort,