#Raise the Age

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Right now, across Australia, children as young as 10 can be arrested by police, hauled before a court, and locked away. 

The Human Rights Law Centre is proud to join with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, fellow human rights organisations and doctors to call for federal, state and territory governments to #RaiseTheAge of criminal responsibility from just 10 years old to at least 14. 

Our governments should be supporting children – not using police or prisons to punish or harm them. 

In just one year, close to 600 children aged 10-13 years were locked away in prisons and many more hauled through the criminal legal system. These harmful laws disproportionately impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are pushed into prison cells at higher rates, and who account for 70 per cent of these younger children in prisons.

Children need love, care and support so they can reach their full potential. Not handcuffs and bars. Too often, Aboriginal children are ripped from their homes, their families and community because of unjust laws and policies. 

Can you help spread the word about the #RaiseTheAge campaign, by sharing it with your family and friends?

Raise the Age