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  • 18 Cecil St, Gordon, NSW, 2072
  • 1 Livingstone Ave, Pymble, NSW, 2073

Sydney Alliance

Strengthening a Civil Society.......

A number of members of our congregation are involved in the development of the North Shore District.

We are pleased to host regular meetings for the North Shore within our facilities.

The Sydney Alliance is a citizens’ coalition whose vision is to provide the community with a voice to express common values and aspirations for a fair and just Sydney.
Sydney Alliance is a way people for people to have their say in what they want for Sydney now and in the long term and to act together with others that feel the same way.

The Alliance is the largest and most diverse network of citizens in Sydney. The Alliance is an independent organisation that does not take government funding and is a non-party political organisation.

The Alliance believes that a strong and connected community enables the people of Sydney to shape their own future, to grow and develop as leaders, to be full democratic citizens and to speak and act with others on their own behalf. We build grassroots power that respects the contribution and dignity of all people.