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  • 18 Cecil St, Gordon, NSW, 2072
  • 1 Livingstone Ave, Pymble, NSW, 2073

We say 안녕하세요 - hello to our partner Korean Church.

Learning Korean
An-yong-ha-sao: Hello
Kam-sa- ham-nida: Thank you
Ha-na-nim: God
Hoi-chang-nim: Chairperson
Dorman-na-ship-shida: Good-bye
Moon-jae-upda: No problem
Mok-sa-nim: Minister

Our Comittment
Gordon Uniting Church and Sydney Covenant Uniting Church enter into this agreement as a partnership of two congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Our two congregations come from different cultural and theological backgrounds and, in entering into this agreement, seek to learn more of each other and thereby establish a new sign of the Kingdom of God as a multicultural and diverse reality.

Our two congregations are pilgrim partners on a journey to the promised end. (UCA Basis of Union, paragraph 18).

On the way, we will learn much, be challenged, grow in faith and be drawn into deeper unity with each other.